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Smart TV – the medium of the future

Smart TV, also known as ITV, web-on-TV, net TV, OTT TV or web-based TV, is one of the most important trends in the new media. It is a relatively new but fast-growing market, and it is expected to have enormous potential for the future: suppliers can reach both, new and old target groups via new sales channels. The value creation chain for content providers, media distributors and advertisers will change significantly in the future, as content will be brought directly to TV sets via the Internet.

Smart TV applications bring the Internet and television together with the push of a button. Remarkably, manufacturers such as Philips, Sharp, IKEA, Peaq, Samsung and Panasonic already equip their TV sets with all the technical requirements for smart TV as a standard. This means that no peripherals are required: the TV set can easily be connected to the Internet via LAN / Wifi. Users generally do not have any additional cost, apart from their Internet connection.

However, telecom companies, cable network operators and set-top box manufacturers have also recognised this trend and started to integrate web-compatible portals into their products. Web content is adjusted to the new medium, both by ensuring usability (e.g. webpage selection by remote control; an intuitive, large-scale design) and by performing the necessary conversion (e.g. from HTML into CE-HTML/ HTML 5) – so it can be displayed on TV sets with no loss of quality. As more and more smart TV devices are being sold, access to smart TV content is automatically increasing at a rapid rate. This, in turn, is a great incentive for numerous content and service providers to develop services specifically for smart TV devices.