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A Smart TV application is developed in the following stages:

  1. Platform selection: As you are spoilt for choice, we start by advising you on selecting the platforms on which your application or service will run. We work with you to produce a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis, which will enable you to make well-informed decisions.
  2. UI design: NetRange has not only produced a large quantity of applications - many of our applications are part of the most widely-used applications and services in their respective countries or on their respective platforms. Among other reasons, this is because we always focus on the usability of our applications and services. Because competition for smart TV customers is becoming more and more intense, even in this relatively new medium, usability is most crucial for your application to succeed.
  3. Programming: It is important to us that your application or service are reliable in everyday use. At the same time, we keep your maintenance costs as low as possible, by employing experienced developers. Our development team frequently takes part in the leading manufacturers’ developer days to make sure that our developers keep up with the rapid evolution of the variety of hardware platforms and keep them fully up to date.
  4. Support in the QA process: After your application or service has been developed and built, it must undergo the relevant platform operator’s quality assurance process. This can sometimes be a lengthy and complex process. Thanks to ourtrack record – NetRange has built more smart TV applications than any other company – we are recommended as a development partner by many manufacturers.
  5. Operation and service level agreement (SLA): If you wish, we will operate and maintain your application or service. We also operate video servers and video conversion servers.




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