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About NetRange

NetRange is the global provider of white label, brand independent Smart TV portal solutions. NetRange is operating integrated worldwide full-service Smart TV portals for major clients such as Sharp, Loewe, Vestel and HD+ (a subsidiary of SES Platform Services).

NetRange is also one of the world’s most successful service providers for the development of Smart TV applications and services. Working for clients like ITN news, maxdome, Mercedes-Benz, Brainpool, Tagesschau and the Bauer Media Group, NetRange has developed applications and services not only for its own portal, but also for other current leading Smart TV portals, such as Samsung, LG and Philips.

In addition NetRange is always glad to fulfil our client’s specific requirements. The offering covers a broad range of services, including support for the aggregation of worldwide content, the development of Apple iOS and Android smartphone applications in connection with Smart TV, and even complete software solutions, e.g., for video plugins, speech control software or browser and DRM implementations.

With more than 400 customers from the sectors mentioned, NetRange is the world’s largest service provider for Smart TV solutions.

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